Environmentally friendly cleaning – Completely without chemicals – We say how!


The topic of environmental friendliness accompanies us more and more – and that’s a good thing. After all, this is not only important in terms of the environment. It is often simply forgotten that a spared environment also benefits people. One of the most critical areas in terms of environmental pollution is certainly cleaning. Here, all sorts of chemicals are often used, which should promise as much hygiene as possible. However, it can be said that more chemistry is not to be equated with more cleanliness. It is therefore always worth switching to chemical-free alternatives. Why this is so and what alternatives there are, you can find out here.

That’s why you should refrain from using chemicals during cleaning

There are many good reasons to rely on chemical-free options for cleaning. And if we are honest, there is no good reason to resort to chemistry. Because even without the chemical club, you can achieve clean and hygienic results. At the same time, you benefit from the advantages of natural cleaning. Because most chemicals are also harmful to health. Especially if you have children or pets in the house, the use can often be dicey.

Symptoms of poisoning are not uncommon and can be avoided with a variety of chemical-free agents. In addition, chemical-free cleaning naturally benefits the environment. This is because the various chemicals end up in the wastewater and thus pollute it. This has an impact on the canal system and also on nature as such. Ultimately, however, chemical-free cleaning is also economically viable. Because normal cleaning agents cost a lot and add up over the years. So you save money in the long run with natural cleaning.

Cleaning with dry ice

Especially in recent years, the use of dry ice in the cleaning sector has become increasingly popular. While the dry ice machine for cleaning was initially only used in commercial facilities, it is also increasingly finding its way into private households. With good reason, because with dry ice you clean surfaces thoroughly and effectively. The surface is not affected. Instead, the dirt dissolves completely and can be easily removed. More on this topic at: https://white-lion.eu/en/dry-ice-devices/dry-ice-blasting-systems/

Simple and efficient with steam cleaner

Cleaning by steam is particularly gentle and is particularly profitable in the household. Here, the dirt is simply removed from surfaces by means of vapour pressure. It can also be removed by certain attachments. The advantage is clearly that with the one-time purchase you have a cleaning aid for life. Because the steam cleaner only needs a power connection and some water.

Household appropriations for cleaning

Finally, the household also provides enough funds that are suitable for cleaning. Vinegar, lemons and baking soda have always been used to clean various surfaces. However, under certain circumstances, cleaning exclusively with water can also be hygienic. Here it is primarily important that you use high-quality sponges and rags.